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Archival Art Paper (8 x 27"): Limited Edition of 100

  • Signed & numbered with certificate of authenticity
  • Prints include a 2" white border for signature (add to image size listed above)
  • Allow additional production/delivery time as limited editions are printed on demand & require signature from the artist

"WE and US" will always be more powerful than "THEY or THEM" - if we don't eat together we starve. I've always been fascinated by one factor that defines a human from other living things on this earth. We have the CAPACITY - even if seconds away from starving to death - to share our last meal, last crumb, last piece with another. Animals don't have this ability - survival is most important. We can choose to expire instead of watching another human starve - I'd rather die hungry with a few morsels in my stomach than live bloated with hate and indulgence.

This was inspired by Michelangelo's Sistine chapel scene where God gives Adam the "spark of life" -- the arrangement and colors are not accidental. We all know who has the food and who is starving. Isn't sharing - literally & metaphorically - the essence and spark of life in the first place? Be human. Break bread. Refuse to eat while your family starves. Getcha boots on...we're living in a critical juncture in history and how the future looks back on us will be determined by our present and what we did or didn't do. You don't have to do anything except show love. Try to have a dialogue with someone who isn't like you. Go to work tomorrow and make an attempt. Start in your everyday life. It might echo into the greater world and ripple into eternity.

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